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Monday, September 22, 2014

Dyed hair by Liese Bubble hair color [Review]

I think all of you must familiar with this brand 'LIESE' which is bubble hair color. I have used this brand quite many times with different colors it offers.  For example, Cassie berry, milk tea brown, dark chocolate and mashmallow brown. The color result by Liese is great.
 The Liese Bubble Hair Color List currently

The brightness of each color.

This time, I've chosen 'Black Tea Brown' color.  
It's the most darkness color among all the colors except Black color.
Due to my hair was very bright, damage hair look more yellowish and dry and made me look like a patient, I decided dyed my hair with dark color tone so that my damage hair will look more healthier even though it still dryness.  

The estimation before and after dye

Super yellowish damage hair I had
(Ignore my cutie mickey pyjamas xD)

These are the things provided in the box.
A pair of glove, instruction, 2 liquid bottles, 1 tube, and treatment cream.

Step 1: 
Pour the liquid 1 to bottle 2.

Step 2: Shake it up and down at least 10 times.

Step 3:
Change the bottle 2's cap to the pink tube

Step 4:
Wear the glove

Step 5:
Squeeze the bottle and the foam will come out.

Step 6: Apply all the foam on your hair as shampoo-ing. (Before apply, please remember comb your hair)
Step 7: Wait about 30 minutes after apply.

Step 7:  Wash your hair by water after waiting. Then shampoo it (At least twice). 
Step 8: Apply the rinse-off treatment given by the box after shampoo. (Way same as conditioner)
 I used this rinse up treatment for 3 days while I washed my hair.
Because quite a lot inside this small packet.

 Step 9: Used dry towel to dry your hair off, or hair dryer.

Tada! Done my bubble hair color by Liese!
Luckily won't be so black, I don't really like my hair in black color. LOL

No more yellowish hair!!!!
No more unhealthy hair looking!
But, very not used to see my hair in deep color tone.haha~

(Left-Flash, Right-No flash)
A bit dark red color tone

This product is selling in many places such as drugstores (Watsons,Guardian,Sasa), Giant, Big Aeon and some supermarkets. You can easily to buy it through these places. Price is around RM35 ++.

Overall, it's a very convenient, saving, effective and efficient way to dye your hair nicely.  

Rate: 4/5 

 Want to know more information about it: then log on to official website
 Official website:

Monday, September 15, 2014

阳明山 爬爬走 [Taiwan Day 5]


阳明山 --> 淡水

今天这篇post就先说说阳明山先吧。其实第四天的晚上我已去过阳明山了,不过只是纯粹去那里的餐厅吃晚餐+宵夜 (点击这里可以看回我之前介绍的其中一家《阳明山屋顶上The Top景观餐厅》)


搭捷运到 [剑潭] 站,再转公车(260号) 直往到最后一站 [阳明山]站就到了。




在那边看久了,也觉得自己的近视也好像好了很多似的 (想太多)







最重点的是,这可以refill 的!阿嬤都一直问我们要加吗,我们也不好意思说要!哈哈













淡水会是下一站也会是我下一篇的文章哦!  :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

20 facts about me

Recently '20 facts about me' this game become a trend. And me, keep hoping please no anyone will be tagged me. Unfortunately, my friends had tagged me thru instagram and I had posted it on instagram few days ago. Now, Im going to repost at my blog here.

Lets start my 20 facts about me :

1. Everyone is calling my name as ceci or queen instead of my real name unless for those friends are very close with me. I wonder whether they still remember what is my real name. 

2. I am just only 160cm and others thought me have a tall height via my selfie. 

3. Floral prints and animal prints are my favourite especially leopard print.

4. I love to shopping with my lovely mummy because I can buy things I like without my money. So, I considered myself as shopaholic

5. Not prefer to have pet. Scared animals.

6. I do love long dress but I don't buy it because no such place to let me wear it. Look over. 

7. I am a stalker who always stalk pretties and handsome. This is my only favorite hobby. 

8. EAT is all my day. That's why I've such kind of round body.

9. Travel lover. Wishing to have travel all over the world in my life.

10. Not a fans of hello kitty and pink color. I prefer spongebob

11. A watch collector since started at 10 years ago. 

12. I admitted I've a chocky, LC and cool look.😀 

13. I studying at UUM where those aunties and uncles often wrongly thought is UM! Seriously lazy to explain so much on it. 

14. Feeling happy to always let peoples thought me still studying in secondary school while actually i gonna graduate university soon. 

15. Learned 2 levels of Korean language yet I still don't know what are those korea dramas and songs talking about. Somehow,  I have forgotten much after finished my final exam. haha

16. Hate people to ask me 'What are you doing?'. Feeling very lame and idiot question. 👊👊👊 

17.Currently idol lover is bruce (布鲁斯) who is the main actor on movie '' with cute dimples ! The cute smile is melting me......

18. Mosquitoes are my good friends and always kiss me like their couples all over my skin. They thought me love to eat curry chicken and strawberry.

19. Love to testing shoes no matter is nice or ugly shoes whenever i stepping on shoes shops.😝 

20. Love to showing my smile with teeth on my selfie photos.

add one more fact,
21. I love my photo above in this post actually.

What a tiring work to thinking all these facts. haha~ That's why I'm unwilling to let others tagged.