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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Moustache Houze

Annyeohaseyo! I had explored a cute place for having high tea in Penang with my coursemates where is ''Moustache Houze''.  Moustache logo has being fashion in nowadays such as moustache shirt, shoes, bags and so on. However, the specialness of this cafe is the decoration with moustache.

Let's me to show decoration and the food now.

The entrance of this cafe.

The external of the cafe.


Due to my friend and I went there were on Public holiday, so it's very packed of people.

The menu

The staffs and boss.

The cakes

One of the adornment

The lucky cat with moustache

Straw with moustache too.

The name card with moustache

Big moustache for photo  =)

Cappuccino with cute moustache cup

Ice Cube Chocolate Milk

The cakes. Forgot the black one is what cake.

The cake in yellow colour is Tiramisu.

SELCA time!:

Moustache Cappuccino and me

I have two different colors moustache! ngek ngek ngek!

Cappuccino VS moustache

 One of the corner in this cafe.

That's all of this cafe.

FOOD: 4/5
DRINK: 4/5

Address:No.24 Campbell Street, 
10100 GeorgeTown, Malaysia

Want to know more information about this cafe, can click here.