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Monday, September 22, 2014

Dyed hair by Liese Bubble hair color [Review]

I think all of you must familiar with this brand 'LIESE' which is bubble hair color. I have used this brand quite many times with different colors it offers.  For example, Cassie berry, milk tea brown, dark chocolate and mashmallow brown. The color result by Liese is great.
 The Liese Bubble Hair Color List currently

The brightness of each color.

This time, I've chosen 'Black Tea Brown' color.  
It's the most darkness color among all the colors except Black color.
Due to my hair was very bright, damage hair look more yellowish and dry and made me look like a patient, I decided dyed my hair with dark color tone so that my damage hair will look more healthier even though it still dryness.  

The estimation before and after dye

Super yellowish damage hair I had
(Ignore my cutie mickey pyjamas xD)

These are the things provided in the box.
A pair of glove, instruction, 2 liquid bottles, 1 tube, and treatment cream.

Step 1: 
Pour the liquid 1 to bottle 2.

Step 2: Shake it up and down at least 10 times.

Step 3:
Change the bottle 2's cap to the pink tube

Step 4:
Wear the glove

Step 5:
Squeeze the bottle and the foam will come out.

Step 6: Apply all the foam on your hair as shampoo-ing. (Before apply, please remember comb your hair)
Step 7: Wait about 30 minutes after apply.

Step 7:  Wash your hair by water after waiting. Then shampoo it (At least twice). 
Step 8: Apply the rinse-off treatment given by the box after shampoo. (Way same as conditioner)
 I used this rinse up treatment for 3 days while I washed my hair.
Because quite a lot inside this small packet.

 Step 9: Used dry towel to dry your hair off, or hair dryer.

Tada! Done my bubble hair color by Liese!
Luckily won't be so black, I don't really like my hair in black color. LOL

No more yellowish hair!!!!
No more unhealthy hair looking!
But, very not used to see my hair in deep color tone.haha~

(Left-Flash, Right-No flash)
A bit dark red color tone

This product is selling in many places such as drugstores (Watsons,Guardian,Sasa), Giant, Big Aeon and some supermarkets. You can easily to buy it through these places. Price is around RM35 ++.

Overall, it's a very convenient, saving, effective and efficient way to dye your hair nicely.  

Rate: 4/5 

 Want to know more information about it: then log on to official website
 Official website:

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